So...You've Decided to Go Over The Edge

Thanks for committing to go Over The Edge for New Hope Housing! 

We want you to have a great experience from start to finish. Once you've registered, make sure that you've filled out the participant waiver. 

The fundraising minimum to participate is $1,000.00. Raising more than that not only puts you in the running to win prizes, it also enables New Hope Housing to help and house more people - so please consider aiming high! 

The top 2 questions everyone asks: 

How do I get started fundraising for this? 

Fundraising sounds challenging but it can be lots of fun. Click here for a quick overview on some things you can do to get started view: Fundraing Steps & TipsWe'll be following up with you over the next few months with more pointers to help you reach your goal.  Over The Edge has the following 45-minute video to help you brainstorm fundraising ideas:  (you can skip the first 3 minutes of talking and jump ahead to the main part)

What's it actually going to be like rappelling down the Hilton Hotel?  Click here to watch our participants who rappelled last year to calm those jitters: New Hope Housing Went Over The Edge in 2023! (