Hi I'm Faith, a member of the Iverson and Wahab Orthodontics team in Arlington, Virginia.

I can hardly believe I'm going to rappel down a 14 story building (don't worry Dad, I'll be fine).

I am raising funds and awareness for New Hope Housing by joining a group of Northern Virginians who want to make a difference on May 4th, 2023 (in the pre-event), to go Over The Edge by rappelling down the side of the Crystal City Hilton Hotel!!!

I need to raise a minimum of $1,500 to earn a spot to go Over The Edge on the special VIP event. I hope to raise $2,500 total, so let's keep the ball rolling for a great cause!

I hope you can help me reach my new goal and help make a difference. New Hope Housing is striving to find creative and lasting solutions to end the cycle of homelessness by offering homeless men, women and children the services and housing they need to change their lives and succeed. 

I would appreciate any amount of support from sending well-wishes to sharing this webpage with your friends, to monetary donations, however you can help!

My Whys:  I want to make an impactful and lasting difference in my community, that is why I am participating in Over The Edge with New Hope Housing, it is a phenomenal organization making lasting change. Additionally, I had ankle surgery a year ago and I am so blessed that I was able to recover and I'm now able to walk, run, jump, and even RAPPEL! I plan to make the most of the abilities that I have because I am SO thankful for my health!

Watch my team do silly things to raise funds: Follow us on Facebook (Iverson and Wahab Orthodontics) or Instagram (@IversonAndWahabOrtho) to see us complete our challenges! At each of these milestones the rapelling team will do these crazy/funny things:

$3,000 = team does burpees 

$4,000 = team wears fish hats while working

$5,000 = team gets pies smashed in their faces

$6,000 = team goes OVER THE EDGE 14 stories down the Arlington National Landing Hilton

Join The Landing Zone - an all-day festival on May 5th at the base of the hotel (the day of the main event) for music, food, drinks and more, and to watch our team and to cheer us on! Check it out here: https://bit.ly/3XnhCqF

New Hope Housing is a registered 501c3 nonprofit and most donations are tax-deductible, Fed. EIN: 54-1060634. Their goal is to end homelessness in Northern Virginia.                                                                                                                                      You can join in the fun, too! Click here to register and fundraise to help New Hope hit new heightshttps://otenewhope.com/selfregister.cfm