Wow, oh wow!  I'm going to rappel down the Hilton in Crystal City  (around the corner from my Arlington neighborhood) at 3pm on 5/5/2023 to raise money to help the homeless.  My goal is to raise $10,000++

Here we go (and don't tell my Mom!)...The minimum amount to go Over The Edge is $1K, but in my mind why not go big?  I am now aiming to raise over $10K and increase awareness for New Hope Housing on May 5, 2023 as I rappel down the 14-story Hilton in Crystal City to help end homelessness. 

Appreciate any amount of support even if it's just you showing up that day to cheer me on!  I would love to see you there (you can also sign-up to rappel). Let's make a difference together.  What are you waiting for?

My WHY?  We can stay small and contracted - or take baby steps and expandEXPAND - my word for 2023 which is why this initiative is fitting for me! 

Join The Landing Zone that Day - an all-day festival on May 5th at the base of the hotel. Music, food, drinks and more to watch me and cheer me on! Check it out here:   I would love to see you there once I land around 3pm.

New Hope Housing is a registered 501c3 nonprofit and most donations are tax-deductible, Fed. EIN: 54-1060634.Their goal is to end homelessness in Northern Virginia.  You can join in the fun, too! Click here to register and fundraise to help New Hope hit new heights:

[Profile photo is June 2022 when we rescued our pup Kenzie]