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14 More Stories of New Hope on June 14, 2024!

Many individuals in our community teeter on the ‘edge’ of homelessness or are homeless and that’s why we go Over the Edge!

Now in its third year, the 14 Stories of New Hope fundraiser offers an adventurous opportunity to descend the Hilton Arlington National Landing, raising awareness of homelessness and helping New Hope Housing achieve its mission of ending homelessness in the Northern Virginia area. New Hope Housing provides shelter and housing programs for single adults that lead to stability and a better future.

We are seeking 90 courageous individuals to rappel down the Hilton Arlington National Landing on June 14, 2024, and amplify the voices of our homeless neighbors. Register to rappel today and be a part of the solution!

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Challenge yourself to Go Over the Edge for New Hope Housing! Are you ready to send someone Over the Edge? Challenge your friends, family, colleagues, or boss to take the plunge! Simply fill out the form below, and we'll handle the rest by sending the challenge their way!


Friday, June 14, 2024

9 am to 5 pm


Hilton Arlington National Landing

2399 Richmond Highway,

Arlington, VA 22202

Click here for directions


Rappellers, guests, and friends!






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Melody Abella's photo

Melody Abella

Vice President of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty
Top fundraiser in 2023, raising over $10,000 for New Hope Housing.
"Rappelling down the side of a hotel to help fight homelessness combines two of my life passions – helping people and living outside my comfort zone. Life is too short to live in fear and be selfish."

Favorite quote: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.�


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Thanks for committing to go Over The Edge for New Hope Housing! We want you to have a great experience from start to finish. Once you've registered, make sure that you've filled out the participant waiver. The fundraising minimum to participate is $1,000.00. Raising more than that not only puts you in the running to win prizes, it also enables New Hope Housing to help and house more people - so please consider aiming high! The top 2 questions everyone asks: How do I get started fundraising for this? Fundraising sounds challenging but it can be lots of fun. Click here for a quick overview on some things you can do to get started view: Fundraing Steps & Tips. We'll be following up with you over the next few months with more pointers to help you reach your goal.  Over The Edge has the following 45-minute video to help you brainstorm fundraising ideas: https://youtu.be/3X9M26536LI  (you can skip the first 3 minutes of talking and jump ahead to the main part)What's it actually going to be like rappelling down the Hilton Hotel?  Click here to watch our participants who rappelled last year to calm those jitters: New Hope Housing Went Over The Edge in 2023! (youtube.com) 

Gather friends, co-workers, or family to go Over The Edge together on June 14th! What’s the benefit of having a team? FUN! Create a team name, team costumes, and get ready for enjoying an experience like no other with your friends! After the rappel, you all meet in The Landing Zone for drinks, tacos, and music. Great way to get out of the office on a sunny Friday!FUNdraising! Join forces to reach your goal together. Your team needs to raise a total that works out to $1,000 per teammate ($2,000 for 2 people; $4,000 for 4, etc.). But when you create a team page to fundraise, all funds go to your team total. So maybe one or two of your teammates excel at fundraising – they can help you all hit your goal. Plus, you can work together on creative fundraising ideas and videos. You’re never alone. SUPPORT! Okay, you or your teammate might get nervous. It’s natural. With your team behind you, we know you can do this. You’ll sign up for rappel time slots together, go through safety training together, and with two rappels going on simultaneously during the event, you’re more than likely to rappel alongside your teammate so you can help each other all the way down. HOW TO: When your first team member registers, choose the “I’d Like to Create a New Team” option. You’ll be able to create your team name, choose the fundraising goal, and edit a unique team page. Each person who registers afterward will be able to choose that team when they register under the “I’d Like to Join an Existing Team” option. If you have difficulty doing this, or someone does it wrong, contact Sami Smyth at ssmyth@newhopehousing.org and she'll fix it. 

Has your boss ever pushed you Over The Edge? Now’s your chance to return the favor!Sign your boss up to rappel (With their permission!) and rally your coworkers to raise enough money to Toss Your Boss over the edge on June 14th!Have fun with it! Encourage clients or partners to donate to the cause and reach your goal faster. Raise your fundraising goal even higher, and maybe you commit your boss to rappelling in a costume of your choice! Contact us anytime and we can help with flyer or poster templates to put up in your office.Beware – if your boss decides to match the donation total, they can toss you instead! Pictured above is New Hope Housing’s Interim Executive Director, Bill Gorman, who went Over The Edge in 2022.

Hey there!Want to make some flyers and posters to advertise your awesomeness for going Over The Edge? (Like what you see above?)We made some awesome signage that you can edit and use on CANVA (basically photoshop for dummies) and created some templates that you can access right here to share on social media or other communication channels.Send Me Over the Edge Option 1Send Me Over the Edge Option 2Send Me Over the Edge Option 3Send Me Over the Edge Option 4When you access shared files through Canva, you can make them your own, edit, and download as PDFs, PNGs, and whatever you need. Need more? Have questions? Not make sense at all? Email Jasmine Piggie, Manager of Events and Corporate Partnerships, jpiggie@newhopehousing.org

New Hope Housing board member Lianne Wang is terrified of heights, but when we committed to this event, she was one of the first to register. How did she overcome her fears to participate? Well, she was always born to care for others. Watch this video from Truist about Lianne, her life, and her step Over The Edge in 2022: https://www.truist.com/care/lianne-wang